About Us


We are thrilled that everyone who discovers JBalyeat, finds a brand offering beautiful creations that inspire hope. 

Customers of JBalyeat are delighted to find respite amidst moments of beauty while exploring inspirational creations that fulfill their quest for the perfect gift.

Before I created JBalyeat, l struggled as a lover of beautiful things in a practical world that condemned extravagance.

Then one day inspiration struck. I pondered, “Why in a world full of despair would God bother to create the flowers that are here one day and gone the next?”  And I realized: Beauty Inspires Hope.  If God is a lavish gift giver who inspires generous actions by whispering to the hearts of people all over the world, I need not suppress my desire to create and give.  That desire is one He put within me, to help Him make the world a brighter more beautiful place.

Oh the joy that followed!  Still, I was concerned that it would be futile to demonstrate the need for beauty to a hurting world by creating mini masterpieces one at a time.

But as time passed, the expressions on the faces of beloved friends, family members, and sometimes strangers, began to imprint on my heart each time I would listen to that whisper and gift a prototype.

I decided to create:

  • a brand that affirms beauty by curating unique items that discerning customers from all over the world can purchase to patronize hope through expressions of generous giving.
  • a brand that offers beautiful creations, alleviating the search of distinguished customers who delight in finding the perfect item in anticipation of moments of beauty.
  • products that delight and inspire creativity in fellow makers and the gift giving extraordinaire.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.

First, I had a hard time finding “my people”.  Second, it was difficult to locate items that communicated value and identity to the recipient as my imagination was overwhelmed with ideas, that didn’t exist anywhere in the real world yet!

So I designed and made them myself.  As the need is great, I am constantly on the lookout for fellow kindred spirits who are “my people” sprinkling earth with beautiful hope to make it a little bit more like heaven.

Through it all, we released our first products and the response has been pure love from everyone who experiences JBalyeat.