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JBalyeat Beaded Pen


A lovely beaded pen designed to capture and translate your inspired thoughts into writing.


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He saw her writing from across the room…

It was her pen reflecting bits of sunshine that first caught his eye.  Such an instrument of quality says a lot about the person who uses it.  Curiosity aroused, he was no longer content to simply purchase a coffee in an attempt to recover from his international flight late the night before.  An introduction had become necessary.  “Pardon me, miss, is this seat taken?”

Designed to coordinate beautifully with the JBalyeat Custom Monogram Notecards the JBalyeat Beaded Pen is quality through and through.  It measures approximately 6.25″ long and the largest bead is .75″ wide.  To protect the metal base, and beads of glass and carved bone, it comes in a velvet pouch with two ball point ink refills, one blue and one black.


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