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Flocked Chandelier Note Cards – Boxed Set of 8 – Chandelier Stationery


Boxed Set of 8 Premium Chandelier Note Cards Flocked with Black Velvet and packaged with matching textured envelopes.


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The Story

Please indicate if you would like a copy of the story found under the product description included in your note cards for no additional charge.


Her tiptoes must have ached as she…

stood outside, straining to see the joyful celebration through the panes of a dirty window.  She felt hopelessly excluded in her dingy rags, yet so desperately wanted to join the festivities.  Then the unthinkable happened.

The host approached and put salve on her eyes and healed her perception.  She was startled to discover that the dirty window was only a product of her cloudy perspective and that she had been standing in the middle of the dance floor all along.  Never interacting because she had believed she was outside, she’d been observing for what seemed like forever…standing as still as a statue and cold as a stone.

Almost immediately her sorrow turned to joy and before shame could steal her new found freedom, she glimpsed down at her rags to discover that the same glass of deception had falsely colored her clothing grey.  A glimpse of her reflection in the light of His eyes, revealed her garment was pure white and beautiful.

Flocked here in America, this set of 8 Chandelier Note Cards features a vintage chandelier invoking a spirit of hospitality. The chandelier is silhouetted against a subtly embossed vertical stripe on premium cream colored paper.  These card measure 5.5″ by 4.25″ and come with a coordinating envelope.

Also available individually.


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