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Coffee Corset – Farmhouse – Reusable Coffee Sleeve


A Reusable Coffee Sleeve for Your “Not So Skinny Latte” or Cup of Tea.





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All products vary slightly from the photo due to each product being handmade.


A Coffee Corset for your “Not So Skinny Latte”…

Who says coffee cups don’t have feelings? They can feel “hot” and they can feel “icy”.  Pretty sure they can feel embarrassment too.  Who wouldn’t blush out in the world sheathed only in cardboard?  No more…the madness has ended.  Coffee and Tea drinkers everywhere can grab the perfect gift for their faithful brew.  This Coffee Couture doesn’t discriminate against Tea Drinkers either. Share the Love. Handmade with a whimsical farm animal print and lined with JBalyeat’s Black and Cream Ticking Stripe, this Coffee Corset is a delightful conversation starter as well as a humorous addition to any gift basket.

Handmade with outer fabric of Cotton & inner fabric of Linen Cotton Canvas. Adjustable to fit paper coffee cups from your favorite coffee shop.


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