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  • Mini Metal Pen Black
  • Mini Metal Pen Black Expanded
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Mini Metal Pen


A lovely Mini Metal Ballpoint Pen designed to fit almost anywhere so you need never be without a pen.


“Do you happen to have a pen?” …

her neighbor on the plane asked.  It was time to fill out the import questionnaire the flight attendants had just delivered.  Luckily for you both, you did.  The Mini Metal Pen was handily tucked inside your passport, and you always carried one with you, even when not traveling abroad. They are just simply too handy to leave behind.

The Mini Metal Pen Coordinates beautifully with all the note cards on JBalyeat.com, especially the  the Coffee Break Note Cards  and the JBalyeat Collection. It is small enough to fit in the spine of a notebook, in a wallet, or purse, yet expands to a comfortable size to write with.  It features a metal barrel with silver accents and comes with one black ink ball-point pen cartridge. Pen measures 3.25″ closed and extends to 4.375″ when expanded.

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Pearl, Black


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